Seeking participants for a research study on language and leadership in NGOs

Andrew Clark, MBA, BA is the International Operations Director for blueEnergy based in Eugene, OR. In addition to his role in blueEnergy, he is currently preparing to conduct research for his dissertation to complete the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Management and Global Leadership. The purpose of this study is to address how monolingual leaders manage their group status and leadership identity in a multilingual team as expressed through communication challenges. The study will address this through the following research question:

What are the communication challenges faced by monolingual global leaders leading multilingual teams in nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)?

The research is exploratory, and will be conducted through surveys and/or interviews. He is looking for practitioners who may be interested in participating in this research. The specific requirements for eligibility to participate are:

(1) the primary workplace is located within the state of Oregon in the United States (at least 60% of scheduled work time occurs in Oregon)

(2) the individual is a native-level speaker of English

(3) the individual does not speak another language above the A (basic) level based on the European Framework of Reference for languages

(4) the individual holds a position of leadership in their organization (does not exclude those in non-mangerial roles, merely requires that the individual identify themselves as a leader)

(5) the workplace is a non-governmental organization or nonprofit working internationally

(6) the individual routinely serves in a leadership role within teams which routinely use two or more languages in the execution of their workplace responsibilities.

If this is you, a college in your organization, or someone you may know, you can complete a quick interest form expressing your eligibility and interest. A minimum of 20 participants will be solicited to complete a short survey which will take approximately 30 minutes. The specific day and time will be coordinated to align with an upcoming event at GlobalPDX sometime in the next two months. Some participants may be asked to complete a one hour interview within two weeks of the initial survey. Participants are asked to be willing to commit to both phases of data collection.

Completion of the interest form is neither a commitment to participate in the research, nor a formal invitation to participate. It merely functions as a way for Andrew to get in touch with you and share more information about this research opportunity. The research proposal is still pending final approval, so eligibility criteria is subject to change. No information collected from the interest form will be used in the course of this research, other than to contact interested parties to participate in the research once final IRB approval is attained.

The interest form can be completed at:

Additional questions or comments can be directed to Andrew Clark via email at [email protected]