Seeking Research Partners for Transformative Consumer Research Project

University of Oregon Assistant Professor of Marketing Aparna Sundar is seeking non-profit organizations to partner with her on a Transformative Consumer Research project. This opportunity is best for an organization seeking to advocate for a social policy change. The ultimate goal of the project is to influence change through dissemination of knowledge in areas that influence consumers or citizens at large.

From Dr. Sundar –  Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) upholds an academic mission for consumer research that can benefit society at large. With the goal of advancing knowledge regarding policy or helping out communities, I am seeking collaboration with a non-profit company, looking to solve a social issue. This issue can be anything related to the non-profit or policy. Using the TCR channel, which enables researchers to meet and collaborate on research, it is possible to assess if the solutions proposed might be scalable to serve wider audiences. This effort has the ability to examine the process local leaders use to discover and develop innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of their community. The focus is on formulating and publishing a framework that could be useful to others. Lastly, the focus of this effort is as a network mechanism for disseminating knowledge and idea sharing to empower collaboration, cooptation, and customization of creative solutions within other communities large and small, far and near so that collectively we make progress toward important social goals.

To signal your interest, contact Dr. Sundar – [email protected]