At Portland State, the SweetLab develops and implements cellular and satellite based “Internet of Things” sensor technologies designed to improve the collection of, and action on, data in global health programs. We deploy and study high-efficiency cookstoves, water pumps, household water filters, sanitation systems, pedestrian footbridges and other developing world appropriate technologies. The SweetLab has projects in India, Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Haiti and other countries.

Short Film: How Water Gets From The Nile To Thirsty Refugees

I know asking people to spend 12 minutes watching a documentary about water is what they call a “big ask.” In our age of the short attention span, 12 minutes may seem like an eternity.

But what if you had to wait not 12 minutes but many hours each day just to fill a jerrycan with 4 gallons of water. That’s the routine of thousands of South Sudanese refugees who fled to Uganda and now live in settlements in the arid north.

If you can, watch “Water Is Life,” which had its premiere on Goats and Soda. You’ll never take your faucet for granted again.

Marc Silver, blog editor

Malaria and the Silent Spring

In bold documentary style, Retro Report looks back at the major stories that shaped the world using fresh interviews, analysis and compelling archival footage. Produced by Retro Report for The New York Times.

Community Consulting Project

The Community Consulting Program (CCP) is an outreach program sponsored by the Organizational Development Network of Oregon (ODN-OR). CCP brings together dynamic, short-term teams of OD/Training professionals to provide free consultation to Portland area, non-profit organizations unable to afford consulting services. Utilizing volunteers from our network, we form Consulting Teams of 2-3 individuals, backed by a Senior Consultant with 10-20 years of consulting experience.

CCP teams work with a client for 2-4 months to complete an appropriate client project. For a list of recent projects completed click here.  To hear what past organizations have said about their experience working with us, please click here.