Can US cities help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?


Despite a crisis of confidence at the national level, a significant majority of Americans still believe in the ability of their local governments to deliver. This is good news, because U.S. cities are increasingly responsible for taking on local challenges with global implications, such as pollution, violence, climate change, and economic opportunity and security.

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Introducing the EM2030 SDG Gender Index

Explore Equal Measures 2030’s new SDG Gender Index: a tool by and for advocates, that aims to tell the story of progress for girls and women. The index, housed on a digital Gender Advocates Data Hub, showcases stories, tools, and resources to provide a holistic way to measure and understand gender equality. Read more

USAID Launches New Education Policy

USAID is pleased to announce the release of the Agency’s new Education Policy. The Education Policy provides an Agency-wide vision and direction for supporting our partner countries in strengthening their capacity to deliver quality learning opportunities for children and youth. It recognizes that education is a foundational driver of a country’s journey to self-reliance.

The new Education Policy outlines principles and priorities that will drive USAID’s decision-making and investments in education programming in order to achieve sustained, measurable improvements in learning outcomes and skills development for children and youth worldwide. 

USAID looks forward to collaborating with their partners to implement the new Policy. To learn more about USAID Education programs, please visit