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The Glocal Org’s Toolkit for Engaging with Government

05/21/2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

PSU Graduate Student Matt Wurst unveils his capstone project: a resource supporting advocacy needs of GlobalPDX Members.

Policy is a challenge. While there is a conception that policy development is a linear process, the reality is much more complicated and tangled. Approaching policy without understanding the complexity and dexterity necessary to succeed in a constantly evolving dynamics behind policy change. As with solving a puzzle, it takes time to find the correct pieces that fit together, find clarity in the how smaller pieces combine for a higher understanding, and finally accomplishing the task at hand.

This presentation is aimed at showing how groups in Oregon can come together with each other through GlobalPDX to solve issues facing Oregon linked international issues. Demonstrating the intricacies of the policy process to illuminate the variety of facets to pursue in seeking policy change also highlights the complexity of the entire process. Understanding that not every aspect of the process can be outlined, by shedding light on the challenges facing organizations and individuals seeking policy change, progress can be initiated or reformed to meet the dynamics of a specific policy and movement.

About Matt Wurst:

Matt hails from Houston, Texas and moved to Portland, Oregon after graduating with his B.A. in Political Science with minors in International Studies and History. With experience in both the Oregon Legislative Assembly and the Texas Legislature he has experience in policy development within the legislative atmosphere. Following the 2019 Oregon Legislative Assembly, Matt began his Master of Public Policy at Portland State University focusing on Policy Advocacy and Leadership and specializing in International Policy. Matt has hopes of working with American foreign policy in boosting diplomacy and international cooperation to fight for the respect of human rights and decrease the prevalence of violent conflict and tensions between states.

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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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