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Oregon's Hub for Global Changemakers

We are looking to grow and expand our impact and reach by welcoming new members to our GlobalPDX Advisory Board. As a highly unique “glocal” organization, we expect Advisory Board Members to reflect broad global diversity in all its facets and fascinations, guiding our purpose and impact in Oregon and beyond!


Purpose: The Global PDX Advisory Board utilizes its collective and individual board member expertise and experience to advise, mentor, and provide recommendations to GlobalPDX in the following areas:

  • Innovation, impact, and global connection
  • Governance and organization
  • Programming and events
  • Fundraising and development 
  • Public outreach



The GlobalPDX Advisory Board is made up of members from Oregon’s globally-aligned community chosen for their skills, experience, diversity, and knowledge. Board member recruitment will be guided by the following criteria. 

  • Actively participates in international or global activities.
  • Represents and expands the diversity of GlobalPDX and the community it serves. 
  • Actively recruit members (individuals and organizations)
  •  Is committed to social and economic justice and empowerment.
  • Possesses substantial and valuable experience and/or knowledge related to one or more of the specific areas noted in the purpose statement. 
  • Demonstrates the ability to listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, and work well with all people. 
  • Exhibits a willingness to prepare for, attend, and actively engage in Board and committee meetings.


Structure and procedures:  

  • The Board will consist of eight members, with a Chair to be chosen by the Board membership. This call for applicants is seeking to fill 2 Board seats.
  • Committees will be established as necessary to focus and make recommendations on specific areas or issues. 
  • The Board will meet on a quarterly basis, either in person or remotely. Meetings will also be attended by GPDX staff and/or leadership as necessary
  • Staff or Committee Leaders will set the agenda, record minutes, and support accountability for follow-through on action items.

Limits: The Board is non-statutory. Decisions and recommendations made by the Board are non-binding and advisory only.

Duration: The Board will remain in existence until such time as GlobalPDX has transitioned from its current initiative status to a programmatically, organizationally and financially stable non-profit organization; or as at such time as GlobalPDX decides it is no longer beneficial to have an advisory board. Advisory Board Members will hold 2 year positions.


If you would like to be considered for a position on this Board, please submit your name and information here.  


To apply for this job please visit