Shake the Dust - Language Practice Partnership

What makes our network in Oregon powerful is the engagement of a diverse and ever-expanding group of change makers. Our language practice partnership is yet another opportunity to expand your community and elevate your professional skills. Particularly in this time of decreased travel, we are proud to support your multi-lingual proficiency.

Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out the form below to add your name to our ever-growing catalog (the information you submit is used confidentially to pair you with one connection)
  2. The GlobalPDX team will connect you with an individual who fits your interests/expertise
  3. Share this opportunity with your network to broaden access to the Community Ally Catalog
Current speakers seeking a match (1)

"I love the person I'm matched with! We always have something to talk about it. It's both networking and language practice."

"The real value added has been able to speak to people in the same field and to share ideas and experiences. Being able to do that in Spanish is a bonus."

"I have been looking for ways to force myself to speak more Spanish for a long time. My writing and reading and listening abilities are improving well but I am very shy about trying to talk. Having a situation where I have made a commitment to speak has been very useful. Also my partner is a really nice guy!"


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Native Speaker

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