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Local Happenings

New Working Group (1)

New Working Group Announcement

This working group will build community and professional growth opportunities for those working as heads of departments doing fundraising.

Working Groups are exclusively for GlobalPDX Members.

Lunch & Learn Template (1)

Lunch & Learn: Connecting Do-ers with Donors

Tuesday, February 21 from 10:00 - 11:00 am

Virtual event with Joanne Sonenshine

Successful fundraising for international development organizations is about building strong relationships, and understanding clearly the roles and responsibilities of those “doing” the critical work to advance community development versus those funding this work. 


Monthly Networking Events

Second Thursday of the Month in Portland

Last Wednesday of the Month in Beaverton

Development Drinks is a monthly gathering for people interested in world affairs and international development. This networking opportunity is a chance to connect with local professionals, find new partnerships, and have discussions that expand your perspective.

Our Mission

Put Oregon's community of changemakers on the map as a widely renowned hub inciting positive change around the world.

We are uniting the Oregon-based global development community into a thriving, collaborative, and high-impact network of people and organizations with global reach.

Join a community that cares:


Have your INGO, academic institution, foundation, social enterprise or business join Global PDX today!


We are always looking for experts in their field to share their knowledge, whether hosting a Lunch & Learn, as a guest on our podcast, or as a panelist in our upcoming 2022 Conference.


Check out upcoming international development events around Oregon (trainings, networking, workshops, lectures, and more) 


This program connects people in our area with experts on their topic of interest. Whether a student, young professional, expert, or retiree, lend your voice to this catalyst of connectivity!


Learn more about the Oregon based organizations doing extraordinary work abroad in over 70 countries.


We exist to support you - ever hesitate to reach out and share an idea of what we can be doing to strengthen your involvement in our community.

Oregon's Hub For Global Changemakers

We unite people, organizations, and businesses into a community doing global good

Through this community we elevate ideas, connections, and conversations

With elevated potential, we enhance your ability to change the world

Our History

In 1996 Irene Tinker began hosting monthly mixers at her home, bringing together local folks who were changing the world through their work. Over micro brews and shared philosophy GlobalPDX was born. In 2012 Green Empowerment helped transform these informal gatherings into strategic networking events for the global development community. In 2017 Portland State University took GlobalPDX to the next level by developing a framework for supporting local academic pursuits and organizations. 

With the support of these Founding Organizations, we elevate the local work of Global Changemakers.

Membership Benefits

Whether your organization has one employee or 1000, you identify as a start-up or a seasoned organization, or you are simply ready for a new network, GlobalPDX is for you.

  • Small INGOs & Social Enterprises | Promotion to the community and funders, training and shared resources, networking with other organizations, and advertising job, internship or volunteer positions.
  • Large INGOs | GlobalPDX will promote your organization, help recruit talented Fellows and employees, and connect you to academic institutions. We will promote high value partnerships with other members on proposals.
  • Academic Institutions | GlobalPDX is committed to enabling academic programs to connect with practitioners in the field. In addition, we promote your institution, help publicize your research, and assist in placing your students into fellowships and internships.
  • Businesses & BCorps OrganizationsDirect access to organizations to partner with or sponsor. Promotion of your brand to socially conscience and internationally minded groups.
  • Foundations & Funders | Foster partnerships, become a thought-leader in the field, and support meaningful international development projects. GlobalPDX can help ensure that you are supporting meaningful and impactful projects and partners.