About Us

About us

GlobalPDX connects the Oregon-based global development community in an effort to magnify our collective impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Who should join us

Members include not-for-profit organizations, foundations, corporations, and higher education research units. Together, our members serve families and communities in more than 100 countries through programs that contribute to the global Sustainable Development Goals to end all forms of poverty while protecting the planet.

We provide resources for:

  • Small INGOs & social enterprises - Promotion to the community and funders, independent validation of impact, training and shared resources, networking with other organizations, and filling of job positions.
  • Large INGOs - GlobalPDX will promote your organization, help recruit talented Fellows and employees, connect you to academic institutions. We will promote high value partnerships with other members on proposals.
  • Academic institutions -GlobalPDX is committed to enabling academic programs to connect with practitioners in the field. In addition, we promote your brand, help publicize your research, and help place your students into fellowships and internships.
  • Businesses - Direct and curated access to organizations to sponsor. Promotion of your brand to socially conscience and internationally minded groups.
  • Foundations & Funders - Foster partnerships, become a thought-leader in the field, and support meaningful international development projects. GlobalPDX helps ensure that you are supporting meaningful and impactful projects and partners.