Our GlobalPDX Members

GlobalPDX members work in over 75 countries in diverse fields such as health care, disaster response, economic development, energy infrastructure, improved cookstoves, water delivery, and women’s empowerment. GlobalPDX members are at the cutting edge of international development program delivery, research and technology.

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Member Organizations

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Green Empowerment works with local partners around the world to strengthen communities by delivering renewable energy and safe clean water.

World Oregon

The mission of the World Oregon is to broaden public awareness and understanding of international affairs and to engage Oregonians with the world. 

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Health In Harmony engages community-led solutions for human health and the health of our planet.

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Child Aid transforms how reading and literacy are taught in Guatemala. We believe all children deserve access to a quality education and the opportunity to improve their lives, contribute to their communities and their world.

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Empowering low-income college students to embrace their full potential through international learning experiences and mentorship.

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We teach quilting to impoverished women in Kenya, including obstetric fistula survivors, and young sexual assault survivors. We help women gain the skills and self-confidence to become economically independent and assist the girls to complete their education.

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BamCashea [bam-kah-shay] invests in women, farmers, and working-age-youth by improving local circular agricultural economies in Ghana.

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Philanthropy without Borders is a consultancy that provides strategic guidance to nonprofits and travel operators on philanthropic travel and voluntourism.

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GNE is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving health through nutrition in vulnerable populations around the world.

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We catalyze the global development community, at home and abroad, to collaborate for greater impact.

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The mission of Banyan Tree Clinics is to provide health system strengthening to existing clinics and to build new clinics where needed in rural communities in Cambodia.

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Supporting education programs that provide children a path out of poverty.

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Empowering refugees through social support and education. We help our clients navigate a path to a successful life in the US.

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Mercy Corps empowers people to survive through crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.

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GPSEN connects diverse organizations in a network that multiplies our capacity to educate, empower, and engage for a sustainable future.


Empower energy-deficient communities by implementing renewable energy systems worldwide.


Alleviating poverty through micro development.

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Through DEI-informed lenses, we help organizations increase positive communication, uncover the value of different perspectives, hold space for challenging conversations, and nurture diverse teams so people feel like they belong and can do their best work.

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We provide funding and support for brilliant Kenyan students to reach their full potential, in high school and beyond.

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Our aim is to know and understand your social enterprise business, help you develop your strategic marketing and business strategy, and walk you through Certifications so smoothly that you are never distracted from the good work you do every day.

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Using motorcycles as tools to address today's most pressing issues, including environmental, social, and socioeconomic problems.

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The mission of the Rafiki Village Project is to improve health, increase literacy, and promote economic prosperity in Tanzania by financing specific community projects in Tanzanian villages.

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We work globally on policies to support small-scale farmers and agricultural biodiversity because these communities and resources are essential to food and nutrition security for all of us wherever we reside. 

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Lewis & Clark is a private institution with a public conscience, a residential campus with global reach.

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SPOON empowers caregivers, creates tools, and strengthens systems to bring critical nutrition and feeding practices to children without family care, and children with disabilities.

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Helping You Protect Vast Areas in the Heart of the Living Planet

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African Road builds long term relationships with local Changemakers, for the life, health and growth of communities in East Africa.

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We have the mission of helping rural populations in the developing world cope with water, food, and fuel shortages resulting from the impact of climate change on their communities.

Multnomah University-100

Global Development and Justice is an M.A. program at Multnomah University focusing on equipping students in compassion initiatives, poverty alleviation, and combatting injustices.

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Women-owned and operated, STCK Design is a creative agency for mission-driven organizations and entities. We work to develop and strengthen communication strategies, content creation, and web presence for your brand.

Aprovecho Research Center

Aprovecho Research Center assists developing world organizations to establish high quality labs so they can test and improve their wood burning cooking stoves.


Our mission is to place the power of humanitarian aid in the hands of survivors of natural disasters. We provide survivors of natural disasters with the skills and tools needed to self-determine and manage their community's rebuilding.

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The Global Service Corps' mission is to design and implement volunteer service-learning and community development programs that benefit the volunteer participants and positively impact the communities they serve.

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An Oregon-based human rights equity startup, approaches diversity, equity, and inclusion as a matter of human rights that sets the cultural conditions necessary to shift individual and organizational behaviors towards equity.

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