Climate Justice & Planetary Health: Stopping the Next Pandemic


Join HIH Brazil Executive Coordinator, Marcelo Salazar, and Mighty Earth CEO, Glenn Hurowitz, in Right2Health Action's webinar: Climate Justice & Planetary Health: Stopping the Next Pandemic. Indigenous rainforest communities in Brazil are not only threatened by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, but by wildfires, sociopolitical tumult, and threats to land ownership - and these issues are all connected. Preventing the next…

Water & Peacebuilding


Throughout history, water has been a source of conflict, as nations wrestle for sovereignty over key waterways, groups fight for access to critical water sources, and populations are forced to leave their homes due to water scarcity. Accelerating climate change such as erratic rainfall, severe droughts, and other extreme weather events creates more competition for…

Strengthening US foreign policy through subnational diplomacy

Virtual Event

U.S. mayors and governors are increasingly demonstrating their leadership in addressing transnational challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, trade, migration, and the intersection of these issues with racial inequities. To accelerate progress on these issues, the Biden-Harris administration is repositioning the U.S. to engage more proactively in global cooperation and multilateral efforts. To…

Working with USAID

Virtual Event

Is your organization interested in working with USAID but unsure of where to begin?  This presentation will cover an overview and brief history of USAID, as well as the partnership process, including USAID’s New Partnerships Initiative, where to find funding opportunities, and more! Following the formal presentation, there will be a live Q&A session with…


2023 Funding and Partnership Preview

Virtual Event

What were the biggest trends this year in international fundraising, and what's in store for 2023? Our most popular event each year is when we discuss what has been successful in fundraising this past year, and what will be important to consider for next year. Come with your questions. It's always a lively discussion! Questions?…

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