GlobalPDX's Good Gifting Guide

Your gifts can create a World of Good

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Holt International

Help a child or family in need across the world with a Gift of Hope! Shop our entire catalog of gifts. Your loved one will receive a card to learn which life-changing gift you gave in their name.

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Quilts for Empowerment

6 placemats + 1 runner of vibrant African fabric. Our seamstresses are fistula survivors who have already been paid for their work, which is a critical source of income for daily upkeep and paying school fees. Thanks for supporting our resilient women!


Give the Gift of Books

Explore our Recommended Reading Library for tons of ideas (many written by our members)!

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supports the placement of safe cookstoves for families in Central America.

Shop Even More Opportunities

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Give Back Goods

Wireless Wood Troubadour Headphones - Gives hearing aids to people in need

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Freedom Cuffs - End human trafficking.

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Purpose Jewelry

Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings - supports women and girls escaping human trafficking

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UnCommon Goods

Hand Embroidered Astrology Pillows - with every purchase $1 goes to a nonprofit organization of your choice.

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Global Goods Partners

Knit Doll - purchase supports women artisans in southeastern Peru by granting access to health care and education to their families.

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Global Goods Partners

BANGLE - enables the clean up of bomb-littered land in Laos, and the recycling of littered bombs turning them into beautiful jewelry.

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Cake Hoopla

DIY cake decorating made easy: no bake. only decorating.

Provides cake-decorating workshops to local disadvantaged youth

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Young Mountain Tea

Ultimate Tea Sampler - Building a sustainable future for Himalayan farmers and their families.

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Lula's Garden

Each garden sold provides six months of safe water for one person in the developing world.

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Warby Parker

For every pair of Warby Parker glasses purchased, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need, 50+ countries and counting.

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Global Goods Partners

GOLD CUFF WITH EMBROIDERY - helps Afghan women generate income, pursue studies

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Combining a tangible bracelet and interactive tracking experience to educate customers about wildlife and excite them about conservation

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Zoom Out Mycology

HERBAL MUSHROOM TEA - applied mycology as a path toward sustainability

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Apparel from Brands doing global good - proceeds go to the nonprofit of your choice

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Bracelet - a refugee-founded fashion label with the central mission of supporting refugees. Uses upcycled material from life jackets that were worn by refugees.

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Global Good Partners

RECYCLED TIRE PASSPORT HOLDER - Returning children to schools in Cambodia

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Global Good Partners

CHEESE BOARD & GLASS DOME - ensure the future of the wildlife in Guatemala

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Global Good Partners

FELT ORNAMENTS - break the cycle of poverty in Nepal

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Follow Your Legend

Coral Legend Bracelet - grow and plant coral onto depleted reefs

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Ford Grey

Goats in Sweaters, print. 10% from your purchase donated to Asha Deep School, India.

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Charity Pot Body Lotion - Lush donates 100% of the price (minus taxes) to grassroots organizations for human rights, animal protection, and environmental justice.

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Cake Hoopla

Sprinkle Silicone Spatula - with every purchase $5 is give to "For Goodness Cakes" a partner nonprofit that makes and hand-deliver special-occasion cakes to youth in the foster system

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Global Good Partners

SPOON REST DUO SET - Direct support of Artisans in Tunisia

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Global Good Partners

Cookbook with 70 recipes from immigrant and refugee chefs

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Follow Your Legend

Save injured sea turtles and remove plastic ghost nets from our ocean.

Other Opportunities to Support Local Businesses

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