Development Drinks

Development Drinks 2020

In an effort to flatten the COVID-19 curve of impact, GlobalPDX is postponing all in-person events. Make sure you are included in our newsletter to stay informed about our upcoming virtual events, continue networking through our Community Allies Catalog, and tune to the vital discussions of Portland in our Global PDX podcast!

Development Drinks is a monthly gathering hosted by GlobalPDX, for people interested in international development. This social event is meant to be a chance to connect with others and to learn about the work of GlobalPDX members. The gathering has been going on for years and actually was the spark that lead to the creation of GlobalPDX. This year we are inviting organizations to briefly present their work during the happy hour. It's very informal, but a great way to spread word about your work, and if you have some kind of need (volunteers, connection to experts, or whatever), it's a good time to make that request as you are in front of a very interested community.

Other Upcoming Events:

Robert Alan Feldman | Sustainable Japan: Will the New Prime Minister Bring a New Era?

With new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Japan has announced a goal of net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. With so many hurdles (aside from energy policy, needed structural reforms in industrial and labor markets, education, agriculture, and a host of other sectors) is this an achievable goal? Join us for a discussion with Tokyo-based Robert Alan…

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Goalmakers National Forum

The virtual Goalmakers National Forum will challenge and inspire participants to reimagine global development given this moment in history. 2020 will be remembered as a year of massive global disruption and upheaval. The overlapping crises of the pandemic and calls for social justice have also created an opportunity to reset, reimagine, and rebuild existing systems…

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GlobalPDX’s Giving Guide

  In preparation for the season of giving, GlobalPDX is hosting our first Giving Guide! This is an opportunity to highlight local businesses that are having global impact through their retail process, and is a chance for you to find the perfect gift that not only brings joy to your loved ones, but that also…

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Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs: Teaching the Black History of Portland

Presenter: Sarah Anderson, Teacher, Cottonwood School of Civics and Science  Description: This place-based curriculum prepares students and educators for meaningful discussions about race, history and current events. We will sample a few lessons and learn about the content and skills covered by the lessons. You will leave with access to the full curriculum. Bio: Sarah Anderson is an…

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