Development Drinks

Development Drinks 2020

In an effort to flatten the COVID-19 curve of impact, GlobalPDX is postponing all in-person events. Make sure you are included in our newsletter to stay informed about our upcoming virtual events, continue networking through our Community Allies Catalog, and tune to the vital discussions of Portland in our Global PDX podcast!

Development Drinks is a monthly gathering hosted by GlobalPDX, for people interested in international development. This social event is meant to be a chance to connect with others and to learn about the work of GlobalPDX members. The gathering has been going on for years and actually was the spark that lead to the creation of GlobalPDX. This year we are inviting organizations to briefly present their work during the happy hour. It's very informal, but a great way to spread word about your work, and if you have some kind of need (volunteers, connection to experts, or whatever), it's a good time to make that request as you are in front of a very interested community.

Other Upcoming Events:

Peter Laufer | Up Against the Wall: The Case for Opening the Mexican-American Border

Join us for a discussion with Peter Laufer (professor of Journalism at the University of Oregon and a former global correspondent for NBC News) on the timely topic of immigration and our southern border. Laufer’s recently published Up Against the Wall: The Case for Opening the Mexican-American Border (with a forward by former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who WorldOregon presented…

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Starting a Community Project in Uncertain Times (Part 2)

Do you have an idea for a project to make a positive change in your community? Many of us have great ideas for the change we want to see in the world, but we also have questions about how to get started and maintain progress. In this two-part webinar, we’ll address the steps to initiate your…

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Healthy Women, Healthy World 2020 Luncheon

Want to provide life-saving care for women and children around the world?  Join us for a special event. The Healthy Women, Healthy World annual luncheon is going virtual this year and we hope you will be there!   You will hear from artist and keynote speaker, Karisa Keasey, volunteer and longtime friend, Sharon Tissell, and…

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Zero Carbon Conference

We are living in an unprecedented, critical moment to take intentional and equitable action on the climate crisis. With less than a decade to achieve sustainable development goals, collaboration is imperative to scaling our impact. We can jump-start this impact with a focus on four areas: Embodied Carbon Operational Carbon Zero for All Financing the…

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Trade & Election 2020: A Nonpartisan Look at Potential Implications

Join us for a panel of national and regional experts in a nonpartisan discussion of how this election will influence trade and impact the Pacific Northwest. How have global geopolitical powers shifted in the past four years and what do we know about how each candidate will contribute to these power dynamics? How will each…

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Quilts for Empowerment Virtual Benefit

This year we are excited to bring our annual benefit to you in the comfort and safety of your own home. Save the date for an online virtual Zoom benefit on October 17th from 2-2:45pm. (Haven’t used Zoom before? Sign up for free here: We will look back on highlights from this year, review…

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GlobalPDX Lunch & Learn – Big Burnout, or Little Business? with Danielle Isaac

In this time of intense and pervasive work-place pressure, more and more individuals are experiencing burnout in the roles where they once felt invigorated. Danielle Isaac, the Energize Your Life Business Success Coach, opens up a frank conversation around professional exhaustion, and the desire to leave a corporate structure to seek a better work-life balance.…

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