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Focused on gathering and sharing the many voices of our GlobalPDX community, our podcast "Speaking Change" highlights conversations with individuals from all areas of expertise, backgrounds, and experiences.


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Season 2 Episode 8 - The Three P's of USAID Funding: Past Performance, Procurement, and Partners

Mike Shanley joins the program to give unique insider expertise for how USAID partners can capitalize on this incredible funding opportunity. More importantly, Mike outlines the considerations that organizations should prioritize before seeking USAID funding to make sure they understand the commitment, requirements, and hacks for success.

The AidKonekt platform streamlines key USAID Business Development tasks to save your team 15+ hours a week

Season 2 Episode 7 - Ditching the Desk: Expanding access to experiential education abroad


Rachel Anderholder joins the program to talk about her journey at Member Organization Carpe Mundi (from volunteer, to intern, to Executive Director)!
Rachel shares how her work to provide access to study abroad for low-income students has had an impact on their lives, and how Carpe Mundi continues forward with their unique program model which offers support at every level of the Experiential Education process.

Carpe Mundi’s mission statement:
Empowering low-income college students to reach their full potential through international learning experiences and mentorship.
Make a donation to keep international learning experiences accessible to all students - check out their Spring Campaign!

Read Full Transcript Here

Season 2 Episode 6: Connect and Reflect

Derrick Olsen of WorldOregon joins the program to discuss the importance of creating local and global partnerships to face our collective global future.

From programmatic strategy, to organizational adaptation, and Academic expertise to unique lived experience, Derrick explores the complex work that goes in to building bridges across cultures, fostering real dialogue, and promoting global understanding.

2022 International Speaker Series and International Women of Courage events.

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Season 2 Episode 5: Eager for Education in a Dangerous World

Dennis Galvan speaks with guest host Avery Waxman about their shared passion: the future of International Student Mobility, the value of experience through education, and the impact COVID has had on study abroad trends.

Dennis is Dean and Vice Provost for Global Engagement and also a professor of Political Science and Global Studies at the University of Oregon.

Guest host Avery Waxman is a Member of the GlobalPDX Advisory Board, and Vice President of Communications for Navitas, an organization that partners with public universities all around the world to help them advance their Internationalization goals.

University of Oregon Programs mentioned in this episode are: No Visa NeededNoPassportNeeded and the Passport Program

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Season 2 Episode 4: The Sounds of Development Drinks

In this power-packed episode we shook up our format and spoke to the Global Changemakers of Oregon in real time - at Development Drinks!

On this episode you will hear from:

-Andrea Johnson of Green Empowerment
-John T. Stephens of The BOMA Project
- Anita Ramachandran and Mikaila Belk of MicroMentor at Mercy Corps
-Kym Croft Miller of Pacific University
-Michael Telford of the GlobalPDX Advisory Board
- Kimberlee Roberts, MA, Global Security Intelligence Professional
- Jacob Dodds of Portland State University

With guest commentators:

-Ted Schera of Wipster
- Jennifer Miller, Initiative Lead at GlobalPDX

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Season 2 Episode 3: The Age of Social Capital: mentorship and connectivity for all - with Anita Ramachandran

We had the pleasure of speaking with Anita Ramachandran of MicroMentor at Mercy Corps about her path, her team's work to equalize access to social capital resources, and how mentorship can power big global change.


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Season 2 Episode 2 - Strategic Storytelling: unpacking the toolbox through the lens of the Oregon wildfires - with Tony Andersen

"I think it's a very tired stereotype to think about a U.S. American going to a developing country and that we bring all these ideas that are just going to work magically."


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Season 2 Episode 1 - Democratic Backsliding: the insidious erosion of global democracy - with Suparna Chaudhry

"In general these sort of legal tactics of democratic backsliding means that it's hard to issue a call for action if people can’t recognize that yes something is going on."

Suparna Chaudhry an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College and an Affiliated Scholar with the International Justice Lab at College of William & Mary. Her research and teaching interests include human rights, international organizations and law, and political violence, with a specific focus on the causes and consequences of state persecution of NGOs and activists. Previously, she was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in U.S. Foreign Policy and International Security at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding at Dartmouth College. She received her Ph.D. from Yale, an M.A. from the University of Chicago, and a B.A. from St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi. Her work has been published in International Organization, Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Human Rights, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Global Policy, as well as The Washington Post.


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Episode 11 - A Substantial Spoonful: Striving to feed the most vulnerable among us

Mishelle Rudzinski, Co-founder of SPOON, joins the show to talk about her ongoing fight to address global nutrition and feeding challenges.

Worldwide, the millions of children without family care, and children with disabilities, have some of the highest rates of malnutrition. Children with disabilities are 3x more likely to be malnourished. Improving systems for children in orphanages addresses one piece of the issue, but Mishelle also explores the critical element of giving caregivers the help they need to keep their children at home, along with other "ah-ha" moments she has experienced throughout the growth of SPOON.

Episode 10 - Combatting Hate Crimes: The Immigrant Story

In this time of intense reckoning with our nation's history of racially motivated violence and discrimination against America's immigrants, one Oregon non-profit is working tirelessly to confront such intolerance by telling the stories of Oregon's immigrants. In this episode of the GlobalPDX Podcast we welcome Sankar Raman (Founder and Board President of The Immigrant Story) who expresses his motivation for sharing the voices of immigrant people, connecting a community through storytelling, and how the beautifully crafted narratives can be at once art and activism.

April is genocide awareness month, creating a particularly poignant moment for appreciating our neighbors who are brave enough to share their stories that are at once precious, private, and painful.

Learn more about Sankar's history


Episode 9 - with Earl Blumenauer

A lifelong resident of Portland, Oregon, Congressman Earl Blumenauer is one of Oregon’s innovative leaders.  Raised in SE Portland, Earl attended Centennial High School.  While still a college student at Lewis and Clark College, he led the campaign in Oregon to lower the voting age. He was a key player just two years later as one of the youngest legislators in Oregon’s history in a landmark session for school funding, ethics reform and Oregon’s groundbreaking land use laws...


Read a Transcript of this Episode (Spanish Transcript available here)

Episode 8 - Wicked Challenges Need Collaborative Responses with Jackie Dingfelder

From a concerned citizen, to regional planner, to elected official, Jackie Dingfelder walks us through her multi-faceted perspective on Oregon's natural resources. As a former Oregon Legislator Jackie shares her “pracidemic” stance on natural resource use and abuse, and how precious commodities like water came to be so under valued. Jackie also touches on her belief that while Oregon’s leadership is not as enshrined as it used to be (with regards to climate change), and how Oregonians could reclaim our status as environmental leaders. Jackie also shares her sources of hope for Oregon: from the energy of young people, to local efforts, to collaboration amongst leaders. With these pieces in place, can we tackle the wicked problems of our time?


A full transcript of this podcast episode can be accessed here. 

Episode 7 - Disability Inclusion: A Global Win-Win in Challenging Times with Susan Sygall of MIUSA

Recorded on a momentous Inauguration Day (2021), Andrea speaks with Susan Sygall (of Mobility International USA) on the future of the disability-inclusion movement. Susan shares clear guidelines that even small organizations can utilize to boost their inclusiveness, speaks about the history of disabilities on both a national and global stage, and puts this particular movement in context with other equity/inclusion movements of 2020-2021.

A full transcript of this podcast episode can be accessed here. 

Episode 6 - Racial Re-Engagement: The Battle Against Complicity in our 'Progressive' City

Very special guest Cameron Whitten (of Brown Hope and the Black Resilience Fund) speaks about Oregon's inability to shake its racist roots, white culture that is largely detached from Black experiences, and the best future for every NGO.

Volunteer opportunities:

Upcoming Power Hours:

Brown Hope’s Instagram:

Episode 5 - The Predatory Promise with Jennifer Martinez

We are joined by Jennifer Martinez of Repatriate our Patriots to expose the rampant injustice of deporting US Veterans. Jennifer is a Public Affairs & Policy Doctoral Candidate at Portland State University and is a sister of a deported Veteran herself.


A full transcript of this episode is available in English, and Spanish.

Episode 4 - Confronting Contradictions with Clarence Edwards

Guest Clarence Edwards speaks to Andrea from Washington DC about power dynamics, inconsistencies in Aid organizations, and anti-racism momentum.


Check out our GlobalPDX Article on Clarence Edwards here

Episode 3: Planetary Health is the Cure with Noor Trienekens

Long time GlobalPDX-friend Noor Trienekens calls in from Indonesia to discuss radical listening, lessons from COVID, and planetary health (it's the cure!).

Episode 2: Organizational Sexual Violence Response with SAPRI Consulting

Andrea opens up with Brooke Galloway on trauma and empowerment, and how global organizations can improve their systems inside and out.

Resources for Survivors of Violence:

Pathways to Safety International 

RAINN Rape and Incest National Network

The National Domestic Violence Hotline


SAPRI Consulting

Trauma-Informed Definition

Tufts, Feinstein International Center, Stop the Sexual Assault Against Humanitarian and Development AID Workers 

Episode 1: Root Causes of Poverty with Dr. Evan Thomas

Andrea talks global engineering, GlobalPDX's inception, and the trials of astronaut with Evan Thomas in GlobalPDX's inaugural podcast.

To access the books recommended in this podcast, go to the GlobalPDX Literature Library. (Login to Member Portal Required)


A full transcript of this episode can be accessed here. 



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