Working Groups

GlobalPDX Working Groups are customizable collectives within our broader community.


GlobalPDX Members can create a Working Group around a topic, to confront a challenge, or based on professional similarities.

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Think tank for heads of departments doing fundraising.



Working Group Facilitation

    • GlobalPDX gathers similarly minded people together by publicizing Working Groups across our channels
    • We share your successes and Group-developed thought leadership with the GlobalPDX Community
    • We host your group's resources on the GlobalPDX website (publicly or privately)
    • GlobalPDX is available for note taking, or to assist with facilitation of meetings upon request
    • We coordinate with each Working Group’s point-person to ensure that meetings continue at scheduled intervals
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The Working Group Recipe for Success

    • Group Members collaborate on agreeing to the date and time of their meetings
    • Members decide the location of their own meetings
    • Each Group will select a “point person” who will be the main contact with GlobalPDX
    • To ensure a sense of inclusion and understanding within the Group, members decide on ground rules such as:
      • Are the meetings confidential, or open for outside discussion?
      • What Rules of Trust will enhance your group?
      • How can new folks join, and what is our ideal Group size?


With any questions, or to begin a working group, please contact us directly at [email protected]