GlobalPDX members work in well over 100 countries in diverse fields such as health care, disaster response, economic development, energy infrastructure, improved cookstoves, water delivery, and women’s empowerment. GlobalPDX members are at the cutting edge of international development program delivery, research and technology. Read about member’s activities on the News page. GlobalPDX is a hub of resources and partnerships in Oregon. Membership is complimentary for the first year.

Our Members

THE MISSION OF AFRICA BRIDGE is to empower Tanzanian families to protect, support, and care for vulnerable children by helping villages implement sustainable social service and economic solutions.

Anchor Blue provides third-party evaluations of non-profit sustainability and renewable installation programs. Members of Anchor Blue are engaged with sustainable development and outreach non-profits and have provided evaluation services of existing programs.

Ascension Global Mission, a subsidiary of Ascension,  supports international efforts that improve the health and well-being of poor and vulnerable populations in developing countries.

CREATE! collaborates with rural villagers in Senegal to help them build a sustainable future for their families as they cope with water, food, and fuel shortages resulting from the impacts of climate change on their communities.

Fields of Life is committed to sharing the Christian faith by collaborating with local communities and churches in East Africa to bring about positive change through the provision of quality education, clean water, health promotion and other community based projects.

The Global Service Corps mission is to design and implement volunteer service-learning and community development programs that benefit the volunteer participants and positively impact the communities they serve.

GPSEN connects diverse organizations in a collaborative network that multiplies our collective capacity to educate, empower, and engage for a sustainable future.

We seek a world where every child has a loving and secure home.

Living Islands is a non-political, non-religious registered not-for-profit organization of volunteers committed to creating self-sufficient Pacific Islands that will serve as an example to communities all around the world.

Madrone Communication makes websites come to life, connects domains, creates emails, wrangles content management systems, and optimizes sites to be found on the web. We made this very website.

Mercy Corps empowers people to survive through crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.

Steering Committee Member
To empower people with disabilities to achieve their human rights through international exchange and international development.
To serve, develop, and empower today's youth to become the generation of influencers God created them to be.

We're taking on the biggest threats to human health. Seeking cures. Renewing hope. Teaching the next generation of innovators. And inspiring everyone around us to help build a brighter future.

Steering Committee Member
We are a group of young activists across the U.S. united by the belief that menstrual care is a basic human right. Our mission is to celebrate periods and provide products to those in need.
Quechua Benefit’s mission is to empower the Quechua people in the highlands of Peru through educational programs, medical care, efficient farming practices, and social justice programs.
Speak Shop expands economic opportunity for Spanish language teachers in Guatemala and fosters intercultural understanding and respect with learners all over the world.
We are Sudara -- an Oregon-based Benefit Corporation with a heart for empowering people and changing the world. Our mission is to create living-wage jobs for women in India and have a deep, generational impact for survivors of sex trafficking and their families.

Our mission is to make available and leverage weather data to increase the agricultural productivity and overall economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa by installing innovative and robust weather stations to provide weather data for end-users like farmers, intermediaries and researchers.

Above all, we seek to educate Americans about the many roles of the United Nations in combating the most pressing challenges of our day. 

We create marketing campaigns that help businesses and are good for the community. Advertise where it will have the greatest impact, WeThinkItMatters Inc.
To build more ethical forms of capitalism by connecting remote Himalayan communities in India and Nepal with the US.
Our mission is to see lives transformed through meeting basic needs, to give hope for the future for those living in poverty in Rwanda, and through sharing the freedom and hope found in Christ. At the heart of our model for breaking cycles of poverty is educational sponsorship.
By focusing on the growth of the whole village - water, health, education, agriculture, literacy, and small business - and developing long-term partnerships, Andando strives to create thriving communities rooted in sustainable solutions that give ownership to those participating in our programs.

blueEnergy is working for a more equitable, sustainable world.

To provide an opportunity for people to start an encore career, which in turn will keep them engaged and help enrich society.

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) provides access to medical care for underprivileged and medically underserved families around the world.

The mission of Golden Leaf Education Foundation (GLEF) is to empower humanity by enhancing educational opportunities internationally, in memory of genocide victims and in honor of survivors, “golden leaves.”

Green Empowerment works with local partners around the world to strengthen communities by delivering renewable energy and safe clean water.

Steering Committee Member
To relieve suffering, improve health, and reduce harm to the environment through renewable energy technology and education.

Loom International brings people, resources, training and information together for the benefit of women and children at risk. We are committed to bring change by working with others in hope and interdependence.

Provide nutritional, medical and emotional support, and access to education and vocational training to destitute AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in Makindu, Kenya.

The mission of Medical Teams International is to demonstrate the love of Christ to people affected by disaster, conflict, and poverty around the world.

Steering Committee Member

As a faith-based graduate program, Global Development and Justice at Multnomah University builds on the foundations of biblical justice and international development with an emphasis on compassion initiatives, poverty alleviation and combatting injustices in society.  

Our Mission: Leveraging technology and education to support computing needs in communities around the globe.

Engineering in context: Our mission is to cultivate science and engineering-based solutions that provide access to basic human needs, enhance life quality, and advance the level of community resilience in the local and global community.

Portland State University leads the way to an equitable and sustainable future through academic excellence, urban engagement, and expanding opportunity for all.

Steering Committee Member

The mission of the Rafiki Village Project is to improve health, increase literacy, and promote economic prosperity in Tanzania by financing specific community projects in Tanzanian villages.

We are building a world where children without permanent families and those with disabilities are seen, nourished, and given a chance to thrive.

We at Sunbridge Solar are a globally-minded solar electric company based out of the Portland-Vancouver area. While we pride ourselves highly on our second-to-none installations here in Oregon and Washington, our goal for meaningful local and global impact is much broader than our bottom line.
To instill the next generation with the dream of ending global poverty
The University of Oregon is a comprehensive public research university committed to excellence in teaching, discovery, service, and global engagement.
The mission of the World Affairs Council of Oregon is to broaden public awareness and understanding of international affairs and to engage Oregonians with the world. The Council's staff and programs work to serve as a community resource on international affairs, enhance international education in the schools, and sponsor international professional visitors.
African Road works to lift entire communities out of extreme poverty by partnering with local changemakers through collaborative project development and strategic funding.

AOET-USA is a Christ-centered organization that engages supporters to partner with AOET-Uganda, providing orphans and vulnerable children with a primary and secondary education, nutrition and medical care.

Child Aid’s mission is to ensure that all Guatemalan children have access to a quality education and the opportunity to develop the literacy and critical thinking skills they need to improve their lives and contribute to their communities and the world. 

Engeye is a non-profit organization that empowers the people of Ddegeya Village in rural Uganda. We accomplish this mission by supporting health care, education, and community development initiatives.
We are dedicated to increasing awareness about energy poverty, as well as expanding the energy grid throughout the developing world by bringing electricity to small communities in developing countries.

The dark arts of marketing for good.

Founded in 2011, GoodGallagher is a brand marketing + design consulting for the purpose-driven economy. We champion the causes, non-profit organizations, well-intentioned companies, and social entrepreneurs making this a better place.

Health In Harmony engages community-led solutions for human health and the health of our planet.

Investments for Developing Communities is a grassroots 501C3 non-profit that provides both local and international programs related to education and economic development. We partner with organizations working for the betterment of their communities.

To help vulnerable children in Uganda become filled with hope and the love of Jesus by partnering with them and their community to meet spiritual, educational, emotional, and physical needs.

MAPLE Microdevelopment builds the skills, resources, and conditions necessary for persons living in impoverished regions of the world to achieve financial independence and foster the well-being of their families and communities across generations.
We help burgeoning entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders thrive through mentoring. By empowering change-makers and innovative thinkers from around the world to gain access to crucial business resources, we can help them build successful enterprises that transform their communities and economies—creating jobs, expanding opportunity, and solving important societal problems.

The National University of Natural Medicine's mission is to educate and train physicians, practitioners and pre-professionals in the art, science and research of natural medicine.


The NSRC cultivates collaboration among a community of peers to build and improve a global Internet that benefits all parties. We facilitate the growth of sustainable Internet infrastructure via technical training and engineering assistance to enrich the network of networks. Our goal is to connect people.

Our mission is to place the power of humanitarian aid in the hands of survivors of natural disasters.

We provide survivors of natural disasters with the skills and tools needed to self-determine and manage their community's rebuilding.

Puralytics has developed a patented photochemical water purification process using only light energy either from LEDs or sunlight to activate an advanced nanotechnology coated mesh.  Puralytics® products set new standards for sustainability, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

We work with our neighbors to transform Oregon communities into places where everyone can learn, earn and belong.
StoveTeam International promotes the local production of safe, affordable, fuel-efficient cookstoves in the developing world

Our mission is to improve transparency, accountability, and cost-effectiveness of remote water, energy, and infrastructure projects to improve health and quality of life. We fix the Internet of Broken Things™.

Empower energy-deficient communities by implementing renewable energy systems in the world’s most neglected areas.
Vibrant Village Foundation invests in the potential of communities around the world. We support villages in the areas of clean water, livelihoods, food security, health and education.

Yo Ghana! facilitates transformative exchanges of letters, poems, life stories, photographs and other materials between several thousand students in the Pacific Northwest and Ghana. We also supplement school-improvement projects initiated by our Ghana schools.