GlobalPDX Annual Conference




Join us at the 2023 GlobalPDX Conference: The Intersection of CLIMATE x HUMAN RIGHTS

Date: October 6th, 2023

Location: McMenamins Kennedy School, Portland, Oregon

Are you passionate about addressing climate change, advancing global development, and safeguarding human rights? Then mark your calendars for the 2023 GlobalPDX Conference, where professionals from all walks of life across Oregon will gather to explore the crucial intersection of these pressing issues.

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About the Conference:

The 2023 GlobalPDX Conference is a one-day event dedicated to fostering meaningful dialogue and forging partnerships to create a sustainable and equitable world.

At the heart of this conference is the recognition that climate change profoundly impacts human rights, and addressing these interconnected challenges requires collaborative efforts across sectors.

Keynote by Our Children's Trust 

"Empowering Youth, Enforcing Rights: Climate Action and the Law"

Join us for an extraordinary Keynote Presentation at the 2023 GlobalPDX Conference, featuring Mathew dos Santos, General Counsel and Managing Attorney at Our Children's Trust—an influential figure in the global fight for climate justice.

The Intersection of Climate & Human Rights: Our conference theme centers around the critical nexus of climate change and human rights. In this Keynote Presentation, Mathew dos Santos will shed light on an ongoing legal case in Oregon that embodies this very intersection.

  • Case Spotlight: Gain a deep understanding of the Oregon case that directly aligns with our conference theme. Explore the legal dimensions of climate change and how it intersects with human rights.
  • Youth-Led Solutions: Hear inspiring stories of young activists who are at the forefront of climate advocacy. Understand the impact of their efforts in pushing for systemic change.
  • Pathways to Action: Discover actionable insights for attendees, whether you are a legal professional, an advocate, or simply passionate about creating a sustainable and just world.

What to Expect:

Prepare to be inspired by a lineup of expert speakers, industry leaders, and visionary thinkers from diverse fields, including climate science, human rights advocacy, global development, and more.

Their thought-provoking insights will explore innovative approaches and real-world solutions that address the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations.

Networking and Collaboration:

The conference offers abundant opportunities for attendees to network and connect with like-minded individuals who share a common commitment to effecting positive change. Forge new partnerships, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and explore potential collaborations that can make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change and the protection of human rights.

Who Should Attend: Whether you are a seasoned professional in the fields of climate science, global development, human rights, or an individual eager to make a difference, this conference welcomes everyone with a passion for a sustainable and just future.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative gathering focused on addressing the critical nexus of climate and human rights. Join us at the 2023 GlobalPDX Conference in Portland, Oregon, and let's work together to build a better world.

For ticket information and updates on the conference schedule, visit our website at

Let's make a positive impact together! 

Kennedy School
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Venue and Amenities:

The event will take place at the charming McMenamins Kennedy School, providing an inspiring backdrop for engaging discussions and connections. A full lunch and coffee will be included in the ticket price, ensuring you stay energized throughout the day.

Our work is made possible by GlobalPDX Sponsors

Become a GlobalPDX Sponsor

We invite you to take a leadership role in this full-day event which unites the global changemakers of Oregon to amplify our collective impact. 

Sponsoring this year's Conference will not only affirm your dedication to creating a better world, and support local organizations that are having incredible impact for communities in need. Sponsorship also unlocks opportunities to put your company in the spotlight for Oregon's influential global leaders.


Past Conferences

2022 Conference

Facing the Next Global Disruption

Our 5th Annual Conference brings together more than 200 Oregon-based professionals to connect, share, learn and grow - inspiring new ideas, igniting collaborations, and ultimately, creating lasting global impact.

Local professionals from every field of world betterment will collectively explore the next global disruption of our time. This full-day event hosts expert speakers, networking opportunities, and curated panels—convening the prominent changemakers of Oregon.

5 year banner

With 7 curated panels and multiple UnConference-style open sessions, we are thrilled to welcome local professionals from every field of world betterment to collectively explore the next global disruption of our time.

This full-day event hosts expert speakers, networking opportunities, and professional development opportunities—convening the prominent changemakers of Oregon.

2021 Conference

Reimagine Global Change

The 2021 (un)Conference explored ideas for innovative change and deeper collaboration amongst Oregon's Global Changemakers. Our attendees were comprised of the international development community in Oregon, and beyond. The 2021 Conference re-affirmed our commitment to collaboration and inclusivity by hosting our event in the “UnConference” format. Attendee-driven conversations included Empowering Women, the SDGs, Aid Dependency, Local Climate Change Initiatives, Innovative Leadership Tools, Technology at the Village Level, Afghanistan, and more.


Conference Recordings

2019 Conference

Local to Global: Sustainable Solutions for a Changing World

We were delighted to grow and expand our community at the third annual GlobalPDX Conference. 2019's conference took place at the Smith Memorial Student Union on October 24th. Broadening our presence in Portland through this annual event by hosting the most dynamic speakers, innovative sponsors, and engaged attendees is a cornerstone of building GlobalPDX - Oregon's Hub for Global Changemakers! 2019's conference was a full day of networking opportunities, workshops, panel discussions, and plenary sessions designed to help us all expand our understanding of how local actors can have positive global impacts.

Conference Program

The GlobalPDX Conference 2019 was a full-day conference (9am - 6pm), with lunch, snacks, and beverages included. We brought the most influential presenters across multiple fields to do keynote presentations, lead break out sessions, and answered questions ranging from individual queries to industry-wide standards and practices.

View our full program here!

2018 Conference

The Humanitarian, Development, & Peace Nexus

On Friday November 2nd GlobalPDX hosted their second annual conference at the Smith Memorial Student Union. Nearly 160 people from across Oregon attended the conference representing a wide range of non-profits, businesses and universities. Participants engaged in multiple networking opportunities, workshops, panel discussions, and plenary sessions focused on the triple nexus of Humanitarianism, Development, and Peace.

The conference kicked off with Patrick Hiller, Executive Director at the War Prevention Initiative, and Rebecca Wolfe, Director of Evidence and Influence, at Mercy Corps. These keynotes set the foundation for the theme of the conference; helping us all to think critically about the intersection of humanitarian aid, international development and peacebuilding and how we can be positive change agents for a more equitable world. In the afternoon we had several panels hosted by various organizations covering topics such as how to address Gender Based Violence, durable solutions for refugees, wildlife conservation and planetary health, monitoring & evaluation, and fundraising.

2017 Conference

Pathway to the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2017 GlobalPDX hosted it's first conference in response to the demand from our members for a forum in which they can engage with others in Oregon with similar interests. The conference focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and took broad strokes on topics such as innovative financing models, inclusive development, working cross-sectorally, and advances in technology that support monitoring and evaluation activities.

The November 17 conference featured keynote speaker Martha Newsome, CEO of MedicalTeams International based inTigard. The closing plenary, “Working Across Silos,” included panelists from Portland State University, Green Empowerment, Oregon Zoo, Oregon State University College of Forestry, and World Forestry Center to discuss the importance of partnership and working across sectors to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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