Ethical Storytelling

I love a good story. I first fell in love with my husband because he is an amazing storyteller. I first fell in love with books because of good stories. I first fell in love with podcasts because of This American Life and Serial. You get the picture. But a good story can also lead you down the wrong path, right? I think of the people who chose to storm the Capitol building, what stories did they believe were happening in our government? I really loved this Harvard Business Review podcast that I listened to recently about the dangers of storytelling and while contemplating how that plays into my work, I came across this great article and incredible video by a company I greatly admire (started by a fellow former Mercy Corps employee). Ok, GlobalPDX community, what are your thoughts? Where have you seen storytelling done well and where has it gone awry? What nuggets of advice do you have for those of us who will always spin a yarn whether you ask us to or not? How do we tell our stories, especially those involving vulnerable people in a way that does more good than harm?

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